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Experience Something Different – Try A Cookies Kitchen Party!


If you are looking for a special Party experience so you can relax and enjoy the fun too, then we have the perfect solution…

Our comprehensive range of party packages and bespoke services offer a unique and fun way to celebrate a special occasion. Prices start at £195 for up to 10 children.

If you would like to find out more, we can send you our special parties leaflet which contains details of our most popular options, our bespoke service and an idea of our pricing.


Contact us either by phone: 07786 271227 or email us on info@cookieskitchen.co.uk

On your email if you can tell us where you are, when you would like the party, age of the birthday child/ren and how many children you were thinking of inviting that would really help us to handle your enquiry quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many children can we have at our party?
A: The great thing about our parties is that they work just as well for small or large groups. All of our parties can be extended to groups of up to 20 children. It is worth bearing in mind that the feasibility of larger groups will depend on three factors: ages of the children, venue and menu choice. Where numbers exceed 20 we will need to incrementally increase the length of the party. We can explain in detail when booking. 

Q: We have a very small kitchen, where can we hold the party?
A: We can help you look at the options. Village halls, girl guide/scout huts/ WI/school/church halls are all possible options.

Q: What ages are your parties suitable for?
A: Our standard parties are suitable for children aged 5 and above.  The bespoke parties are suitable for children from age 10 onwards, depending on what you’d like to do.

Q: How long do your parties last?
A: Our standard parties are suitable for 2, 2 and a half and 3 hour durations. Our bespoke parties will vary according to the menu chosen.

Q: We have a big enough kitchen, but a small oven. Could we still have a cookery party?
A: Yes, there are non cooking options, and options that require a small amount of “oven time”.

Q: What price do your parties start at?
A: Prices start at £195 for up to 10 children.

Q: Can you provide the games and music for the party?
A:We are a specialist cookery school and this is not our area of speciality. We can sometimes provide an additional young member of our team to help with games but this will be at an additional cost and is subject to staffing availability.

Party Bag Ideas & Sensible Take-away Containers

We also include the recipes we have used and prepare for you the party bags and/or boxes/containers (according to the menu) for every partygoer providing a practical way to transport the goodies home in.

In addition we stock a wide range of sensibly priced merchandise and handmade aprons should you wish to theme the party bags with cookery related gifts for all the guests. Our Instructors bring the selection along to the pre-party meeting so there is plenty of time to decide on any additional extras. We pre-pack the bags and bring them all, ready labelled, on the day of the party.