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At the heart of Cookies Kitchen are the monthly clubs held for children over the age of 5.

We run regular children’s cookery clubs at various locations across Kent and
East Sussex

Our current Cookery Club venues are in:
Tunbridge Wells (Frant)
Sevenoaks (Underriver)

The venues can and do change, so please do get in touch with us if you would like to know if there is one nearer to you, letting us know where you live and the ages of your child/ren.

Held just once a month, our Cookery Clubs provide a regular way to give children an opportunity to appreciate local produce, a good balanced diet and learn essential skills - all in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Each session they find out about ingredients; where they come from, how they can be used and how they taste, together with making a recipe using that month's ingredient.

We work with local producers to introduce ingredients to the children so they understand about the value of buying local food and making use of food when it is in season. We don’t just bake cakes, we make all sorts of things, such as soups and savoury dishes and the children each make their own individual creation, which they take home to share with the family.


Membership Details

There is an annual club fee of £30.00
Upon joining the club, the children receive their own cookery basket, recipe holder, notepad and apron. Please note we are shortly improving and changing the Junior Cookies joining kit.

An additional benefit is a 5% party discount for club members and workshop discounts.

Monthly session fees (from Sept 2015) are £25.00 per child with a sibling discount of 5% per additional children.

This includes all ingredients, sample foods and beverages, recipes and fact sheets. Payments are calculated termly and are due in advance. Fees are subject to review each academic year.

Fees are subject to review each academic year.

Contact us on info@cookieskitchen.co.uk or call Carol on 07786 271227.

Attendance Policy and Late Fees 
To explain further how the club is run: Our clubs are like any other club with a membership and each session is calculated and the cost is spread out evenly. Some months are really expensive on the ingredient front and others not as expensive so the monthly fees are calculated as an even amount each month and the annual membership also helps to cover administration and expensive ingredients, for example when we learn about vanilla or asparagus or rhubarb. 
With regard to no shows and notice of non attendance, we try to be as fair as possible: 
When we expect to see children and have bought ingredients for them and prepared their literature etc and then they do not turn up on the day we cannot offer refunds or credits.
HOWEVER in other circumstances when parents can give plenty of notice that they cannot attend a session where possible we can offer a switch to another comparable session. Or if this is not suitable or not available we can offer free workshop places in lieu of the missed session, and that offer is transferrable to siblings too. 
Also if there is someone on a waiting list who can come to a session for a taster session and take your child's place (where there is sufficient notice to organise it) we will credit that missed session back to you. If this is not possible then given there is sufficient notice of non attendance (ie more than two weeks) you will receive a workshop credit.
The clubs can only run if invoices are settled on or before their due dates. If invoices are not paid within one week of the deadline (after several reminders) then places will be offered to children on the waiting list. 


School Holiday and Ad-hoc Cookery Sessions
We run a regular programme of workshops during school holidays, plus ad-hoc sessions. Spaces are always under great demand, so early booking is recommended.