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Although we pride ourselves on having a relaxed and informal style when teaching cookery, we take the important things very seriously. Below is a summary, but if you would like to know more please contact us and we would be happy to go into further detail.

In all our work we use the Food Standards Agency’s Food Competences Framework to ensure we are offering a complete, informed and relevant service.

Do we undergo checks?
Yes, all of us are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked. If you would like to see our certificates, please just ask and we would be happy to show you.

We are also registered with our Local Authorities and hold the necessary Certificates in Food Hygiene. We display these when we run parties or Clubs.

In addition we undertake risk assessments for our activities – it’s not a requirement, but we do it as we are very conscious of the importance of the health and safety of our customers and Instructors/helpers.

Do we have insurance?
Yes, we are insured with an FSA registered Insurer based in the UK.

What is our policy regarding allergies and medical conditions?
We work with parents and guardians to try our best to accommodate everyone. We are not, and don’t profess to be, medical experts, therefore we will ask parents/guardians to carefully consider their child’s conditions and complete our consent forms, or in some cases stay at the event, before embarking on a party or enrolling a new club member. We have to be quite strict and insist on prior knowledge of any conditions (it is a requirement of our insurance) as we would like to work with parents and guardians to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience a Cookies Kitchen Club or party. The very last thing we want to do is exclude someone because we have not been able to pre-plan how we can work around an allergy or medical condition.

We are used to working with many allergies, but it is very important we are fully informed and that we have the parent or guardian’s support.  We will then do our very best to accommodate you.

Where do we buy our ingredients?
Where possible we buy from local producers – local to each area. We only source good quality ingredients from reputable suppliers and where possible will use organic ingredients.  Local is best. We support the Local Food is Better by Miles campaign.