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"It (the cookery course) really has changed
George completely.

He has been cooking up all sorts of things in Leeds -
he tells me he has tried all the recipes he got on the course, and not only that but has been making weekly
trips to the market for fresh meat, fish and vegetables!

For someone who could barely heat up a pizza
before last September, this is a major achievement
and I am delighted that he is feeding himself so well -
and on £35 a week.

I think every sixth former in the country
should enrol on your course!"



Upon booking in a second son,
one parent commented...

His older brother  did the course 3 years
ago and got a lot out of it – he has been
confidently cooking for himself at University
and it this course was a great
starting-point for that.”


Mum Sian emailed to say:

 “ I just want to say Thank You to Clare for this week's Kitchen Survivors course.
My son has never shown much interest in cooking - heating up pizza, and micro-waving  noodles was the limit of his abilities. So we were amazed that he came out of the first day with so much very good food, and that he was so proud of his achievements.
Last night we all had the Chilli con Carne for dinner
and tasted all of the other dishes (I had to put the Flapjacks well out of my reach)
Tonight we are having the Vegetable Curry,
with some added chicken, and the Naan bread,
followed by Apple Crumble.
He really enjoyed his two days with you and I will be recommending this course to anyone who asks.


From Mr Hampton :

 “ I’d like to book a place for my son...  His older brother did the course 3 years ago and got a lot out of it – he has been confidently cooking for himself at University and it this course was a great starting-point for that.

Our Kitchen Survivors courses are designed to suit many people, especially young adults leaving home for the first time, having to experience cooking for themselves and surviving on a budget and those past the student stage who would like to understand the basics.

For many years we have been preparing young students by giving them the basics so they can eat healthily and most importantly SAVE MONEY! From individual private tuition to group courses we have plenty to offer anyone, who is a novice and would like to pick up some great recipes, skills and tips.

Specific Group Courses for students 16+
For those going off to Uni or college for the first time, or for those who are moving out of halls and into self-catering for the first time it can be a daunting prospect if you have little or no experience in the kitchen.

For parents too it can be very stressful, knowing that their teenage children are having to look after themselves for the first time ever.

Help is at hand with our Kitchen Survivors group courses – realistically priced, short courses designed to teach the basics and give ideas for easy, nutritious and tasty meals that can be prepared quickly and on a limited budget.

We’ll give handy hints on food hygiene, and practical, hands-on tuition on a range of techniques and dishes designed to build confidence in the kitchen and develop a broad range of useful skills.

Our courses cover essential hygiene, and gives invaluable tips for shopping on a budget, preparing in advance, safe storage of foods etc., followed by hands-on guidance to help you produce 3 different dishes.

Students will be working on a broad selection of recipes, with tips and hints on how to adjust ingredients to give other alternatives, so that by the end of the course they’ll have produced a range of different menu ideas which can form the basis of a healthy, balanced diet that is home cooked, nutritionally far superior to ready meals and a whole lot kinder to a student budget too!


Venue and cost:

Our traditional venue for this course is not available this year (2016). HOWEVER, courses will still be available so please contact us as we are able to run smaller sessions either at our tutor’s home in Tonbridge and she is also available to come to your own home for one-one tuition or groups depending on cooking facilities. All dates are fluid according to yours and our availability which we hope will make things much more flexible!

Once we can arrive at which venue you prefer and how many students will attend we can price the session for you.

The sessions can run over one, two or more days according to your specific needs.

To enquire further or to arrange a session contact Carol on 07786 271227 or email: kitchensurvivors@cookieskitchen.co.uk